Monday, April 26, 2010

ICE1.LLC multi Biz entites in AZ: Multi Business entities and AZBGLOM conglomeration of AZ Businesses

ICE1.LLC multi Biz entites in AZ: Multi Business entities and AZBGLOM conglomeration of AZ Businesses


FOR SALE $19,900.00

ICE1.LLC is an Arizona state registered LLC.

We are selling this LLC with web sites and attached Blog.

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ICE1.LLC is  a multi business entity, comprised of  many blogs and domain name web sites.
They are comprised of the Nightlife industry, Modeling industry, Entertainment industry, Credit Collections, Automotive and Recreation industries.
 can and does market other companies. There is no limit to what we can do for you. SEO inclusion to top search engines, massive emails, web site construction and design, printing brochures etc, photography for brochures and web sites, Video's for web sites and marketing, models to help produce photographic brochures and videos. Web hosting is also available.

The Sites For Sale on other pages are totally Independent of ICE1.LLC and are solely owned by Frank Diamond prior to developing ICE1.LLC
The main purpose of ICE1.LLC was to combine several established licensed businesses that were affected by the down economy and form a Conglomerate to be able to produce full Advertising and Marketing at a reduced rate thereby making it affordable to other businesses to advertise.
We contacted Photographers, Videographers, Models, Bands, Printing, web design, marketing, sales which combined were capable of Marketing any company at a reduced rate.
Of course this can be modified to whatever you wish when purchased. As per the two Blogs can be changed to Adsense, Amazon, Linkshare etc.
Once Purchased the ownership will have to be modified at the AZ State Capitol building or online.

We are Lien Free, Lease Free and there are no outstanding loans of any kind etc.
We are making this Pay Pal available under account.
We can send you a Invoice instead to release ownership much faster,
Account Email on Dwolla is .

NO RETURNS or exchanges, Sale is Final


We will do a Bank Officer to Bank Officer transfer while both parties buyer and seller are present at their bank branch. Once transfers is final we will issue you a notarized Document of ownership from our bank to yours while we proceed to transfer ownership of web site domain name and blogs. After which you need to transfer ownership at the state capitol building.
Frank  623 332-7694